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Association is a group of the ingenious volunteering to accomplish a purpose. The association formed by our department strives to strike a balance between the curricular and co-curricular activities that indeed helps students to lay an engrailed platform.

Our association involves itself in the development and monitoring of professional educational programmes and in the honing of our skills and thus performs professional certification to indicate the altitude of qualification. The association helps our students by providing a variety of services in the department stream that goes in hand with the current and innovative technology.

These events excites interests among students in their respective field. The department has taken immense effort to bring forth the well experienced and knowledge persons before the students to raise their knowledge standards. Our association connects us to the world beyond the campus. The staff and students jointly make the association scale new heights.

The association indulges in organizing various events like:

  • - Technical seminars

  • The Designers Of Life....

    We can make a difference.

    We can transform technology to change lives

    We can save lives.

    We can stop the genocide.